Discovering Georgian Bay

August 5th, 2014

Day 1: Departing Killarney Provincial Park (River Chikanishing sector) towards “the Foxes”. It consists of an archipelago located southeast of the park. After stopping at Sly Fox Island for lunch, we continue our journey in search of a place to erect our camp.

Day 2: After a night in Beachey Pt, we are moving in southeasterly direction along a vast island named Philip Edward. After a stop at Fart Island for lunch, where the wind is increasingly present and reaches speed of 30 to 50 km and waves of .5 to 1 m. These waves lead us to navigate in places where they are less present, either along Cross Bay, Bear Bay, Crume Island, Moose Bay and Deer Island Bay. We establish our second camp during a storm on Hinks Island.

Day 3: Today we bypass Toad Island to head north along the western shoreline of Bay Beaverstone. Once our camp erected in the area of ??Sheep Island, we enjoy a splendid evening.

Day 4: For the return journey, we head west in Collins Inlet, once more with a headwind. Spreading a distance of about 20 km, it brings us to our starting point. This channel is part of the main route that takes leisure boats to Killarney Village. We establish our last camp midway, a great campsite that can accommodate several tents.

Day 5: It is with some nostalgia that we begin our last day of a trip that was very enjoyable.


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