Natural camouflage

February 15th, 2012

Where am I?

On an outing to Nun’s Island to photograph the Eastern Screech-Owl, I thought I’d make some images to illustrate the natural camouflage of this bird. Given that the human eye sees with a perspective equivalent to a 50mm lens, it is easy for a person to walk close to the bird without noticing it’s presence. The images were taken with a Canon camera with a sensor APS-H. As we must add 30% to the length of the lens mentioned below (1.3 x focal length).


The first photo taken at 70mm (91mm actual) the bird is barely visible.


The second image taken at 150mm (195mm actual) the bird is visible, but not so obvious.


The third image, taken at 300mm (390mm actual) Now the bird is visible.


Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, 840mm (600mm +1.4x).


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